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Отзыв на отель Кемер Club Marakesh Beach Hotel ex Aqua Bella 4*

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Отзыв написал 03.08.2022.

Оценка: 2 из 5.

The view was awesome, the sea was nice and so was the beach, but on the contrary the staff was horrible They only knew Turkish and only one guy at the reception, only one, knew some Russian, but the maids and the other staff at the reception, the didn't even know basic English or Russian. All you could do is talk to them using your fingers. Also, many times, they'd flat out ignore women and only take men into consideration, they completely ignored my mom when she asked about the WiFi, and only took my dad into consideration, also, the WiFi is too expensive for such a weak signal and it always disconnects. There were very many food places of theirs closed, (patisserie and snack bar) and the food at the main restaurant was very poor. There wasn't much to pick from, and they would not serve any sweets for 2 days. One day, there was no warm water, and the other the completely shut down the WiFi, even for the ones who paid and just said it will turn on at 5pm, which never happened, it got back at 7pm instead. Their cleaning is horrible, and so is the dorm we stayed in, the walls were dirty, the bathroom was in a bad state, especially the showering cabinet where you couldn't even close the door, the smell in the bathroom was horrible, you always had to have the bathroom door closed because of the unbearable smell. There was literally no air there. there were no charging places, only 2 for the TV and hair dryer. The maids seemed drunk. They asked us to get out for house cleaning which we did, and all they did was look through our things, and they closed the door, and that's it, when we got back, it was still very dirty in the dorm. we called the manager and she got one of the same maids to clean the floor. just the floor???? is this what you call cleaning??? and the cloth had such a horrible smell... dont recommend this hotel. if you really want to rest, then dont ever pick Club Marakesh Beach Hotel.


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