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Отзыв на отель Мальдивы Sun Island Resort & Spa

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Отзыв написал 14.06.2022.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

It was our first time together and it was awesome firstly, the hotel is just wow! insanely beautiful area! tasty food! comfortable rooms! and the staff are ALL FRIENDLY! The people made our stay unforgettable. The guys from the bar are very funny Anil, Tara, al Amin, Eva. they will always support and give their smile, so there was no need to be bored. Oh! Boredom is definitely not about this hotel. Animation team wow! Kimo won us over with his light show!!!! this is some kind of miracle! I couldn't breathe - it was so exciting! I absolutely love this show! Kimo also played with fire. My God! It was scary and exciting at the same time! During the day, he always made us laugh. showed tricks. in general, all the guys on this island are amazing! I advise everyone to spend their holidays here! We are delighted and will definitely be back!


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