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Отзыв на отель Варадеро Melia Peninsula Varadero 5*

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Отзыв написал 11.01.2022.

Оценка: 3 из 5.

We are now at this hotel Came for NY holidays with 2 kids: 3 and 6 years old. The main problem of this hotel is service and food:- Huge queues where you are staying 30 minutes each time. And when your turn coming it doesn’t mean that something that you want will not finishFruits is also questionmark! Sometimes you can find only green pineapple. Sometimes if you are lucky and come earliest time breakfast or dinner - you will find papaya and green melon or green bananas. Same story with vegetables. Sometimes you will find green tomatoes and cucumber. Not each time. Food is disaster. These cooks can’t cook at all. Beef, pork, turkey tough and tasteless sometimes not cooked up well. Only chicken was normal. Other meat better not to touch.Very difficult to find something to eat for babies. Only white rice. Several times I asked to cook cutlets with mashed potatoes - one time they cooked and not even any day more instead I asked and explained that kids can’t eat anything here. Staff in restaurants mostly are rude or lazy. Those who putting food are simply arrogant. They are giving you food as they are taking it away from their hearts and looking on you like you are trying to steal their food! No any lifeguard in pools or beach. Do not leave kids out of your eyes. Any request coming from your room by phone is simply ignored. You should call min 3/4 times and shout to move the staff to help you.To reach reception you will need min 20 minutes constant call. Receptionists simply ignoring your calls or picking up and throw the phone. Do not count of them in any accident.Stealing of beach towels. Do not leave anything on your sun-bed. Even towels. It will be stolen immediately after you leave. Seems it is beach staff who is doing it to push you to pay for it to them later.All above complaints had been told by me to managers several times without any improvement. At the end of our staying manager offered us 25 minutes massage as a gift and exclusive dinner. We refused. Never ever come to this hotel especially with kids. You will receive only stress instead of relax.


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