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Отзыв на отель Kandelor Hotel 4* (Канделор Отель)

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Отзыв написал 25.11.2021.

Оценка: 2 из 5.

Their booking manager works the way he wants, so there is always overbooking, they provide you with a room in another aparthotel or in the block where the staff livesOk the kitchen - the plates are really dirty, you can change 6 plates until you find a clean one.-Near the restaurant there are many cats, they go inside when there are no people, they sleep on chairs and pee on it. So when you come to eat and sit at the table that is on the terrace, you can smell this unpleasant smell, and after you get a lot of wool on your back.-When meal time starts, they come and sit next to you.-Also brainless people throwing food on the floor for these cats in case the floor is dirty and sometimes slippery.-The tablecloths are mostly dirty and with a lot of crumbs, I don't know why, for example, they don't clean / change it before dinner.- There is little trouble, but not so much, fish is very rare, if there is meat, then it is tasty.-Also, people take food themselves, but this is prohibited in Turkey. So the question is, did the hotel really get this certificate or how do they get it? Weird.- Usually the tea bags were like an apple or some kind of fruit, completely chemical, I don't know how people drank it.-About their ALL IN, sometimes when I came to the hotel in the evening to change, we went to the restaurant to have tea, and there were always tourists in the bar shouting that they had no more white or red wine, or their raki so it's ALL IN NOT SO INCLUDED.They are walled up in the shower pipes in the wall, when you flush the toilet, you can see cockroaches running around behind the button.The furniture is really old and needs to be replaced.The staff doesn't know what a mask is.The owner is an old man who just picks up money from the hotel without any investment, and sometimes for breakfast he puts your knives and spoons in a lunch bag without any gloves.All in all, the hotel is unsanitary.The cleaning is mediocre, sometimes even if you are holding a tip, they will only make your bed and forget to leave you water.The location is great, but you should think twice before booking this hotel if you agree with everything I've described and that's okay for you.the hotel is trying to block bad reviews so don't trust the rating


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