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Отзыв на отель Sousse Palace Hotel Susse

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Отзыв написал 17.09.2020.

Оценка: 4 из 5.

We stopped by with two small children, everyone was happy with the room and attitude and food The staff from the maids to the beach guards are all very friendly, if not for the last day before check out! We signed up for A La Carte overlooking the sea and went before that to the hotel restaurant (I will make a reservation in advance that the neighbors also did the same before A la Carte, as we did), well, we ourselves drank forfeits and had a snack and calmly went to the ordered advance restaurant! But it was not there in front of us, the CHEF was running, apparently of all the restaurants on the territory of the hotel and reported that they would not let us into the restaurant as we had ALREADY eaten !!! (They ruined the whole impression with one worker in Tunisia!) It was not pleasant, it is little said, the children ask why they did not let us into the restaurant (the chef decided that we had already eaten)


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