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Отзыв на отель Десерт Роуз Хургада

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Отзыв написал 05.06.2020.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

Generally we are satisfeid with hotel and service I was sad about windy weather and cold water in pools, and related discomfort with that. Really thank you. Good place, nice view, a lot of spase, flowers and sky. Cool, thanks. Variaty of recreations and activities, fun? lounge and sport.We were living at 2nd block, thus two concerns. Our family with child was placed to the totaly smoked room, as i recognized in a while. WIth child to the totaly smoker room. Really? Is it ok to you? While talking to the reception man after that, i was told, that it's my responsibility to clarify such before. Without sorry or any other suggestion. Ok, it's my deal, but how should i know it before? where does it listed? Still, if you are client-oriented, it's better to clarify from your side, about such point with your guests, especially with child/ren. Cause it's not guest's deal to resolve all focuses. More over, i'm alergic with it, thus guys, my big upset here.Next concern, too old furniture fund. We were lucky, yeah))) Just please, keep good speed in renewing your furtiture. Hope this period of lockdown was good time for improvements.Sometimes, while supper, it was reaaly hard to find some free space to eat.And several suggestions.Silicone material bangle for kids, cause such you provided - it hurms with sharped corner.Morning Ha Tha Yoga would be better at 8a.m., i gues. That to get chance for some good healthy breakfast after meditation. Cause when it starts on 9a.m. , I got only open-food bar with snack, but it's not suits variaty of healthy meal.Thank you:)


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