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Отзыв на отель Макади Бей Club Azur

от 50119 р./чел
100238 р. на двоих
вылет 22 ноября
на 7 ночей

Отзыв написал 15.08.2019.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

I want to share with you about my impressions of the team of animators as "Animation team", who work in this hotel Due to these people a positive mood and friendly atmosphere dominate in a hotel, you do not feel there lonely and stranger, they try to create a comfort your stay on site of this hotel. The team of animators consists of ten persons who during the whole day work in heavy terms, in fact the temperature of air is high enough and to work under a direct sun is not easily. Real names, I am memorized not all, but aliases some of them I know so: Shagy, Boody, Jamaika, Sam, Marley, Vika, Boody, Essam, Deja and their chief. A team is at high level, they try constantly to be in touch with tourists, that pleasantly, communicate in English, Russian, German and Arabic languages and a bit Ukrainian that we taught them during our weekend. Animators are very friendly, always smiling and positive and very talented. Each of them offers to the tourist the various type of entertainments, going in for sports (there is volley-ball, yoga, darts, aqua aerobics, games in a pool), and what is very noticeable, all of them have a good feeling of rhythm, dance miraculously and teach different types of dance the vacationers of this hotel. During the day DJ played music near a pool, it is possible to listen music, dance. It was pleasant to meet in the team of animators the countrywoman from Zaporizhzhya, who conducts morning exercises every morning.Wonderful is a “chip” of this hotel is that the team of animators - dance of "Yara of yara", that very simple in motions, but simultaneously used for setting fire and animators each time invite guests to dance it together with them. Every evening in the Amphitheatre of hotel from 19 o’clock entertaining competitions and programs are conducted for children, and at 21 o’clock entertaining program for adults with the invited artists or from the animators of hotel funny scenes and wonderful fiery show are funny, dances and others.). A nice evening can be continued on disco near a pool, where there a lot of tables where after that it is possible to have a rest during an evening escorted by live music, to dance, and then at 23 o’clock it is possible with the separate participants of team of animators at pleasure, of your own expense to go to night-club. I am very grateful to these guys and these girls of this team for affability, good mood and dances. Good day! I want to share the pleasant impressions, that I got during my weekend in this hotel from July, 26 to August, 2 of 2019 year. We arrived in a hotel very early, because we had arrived by night air, at once not able to settle because yet a number did not become free, and about their rules only at 12 o’clock could be sometimes a eviction, that is why on Reception we were designed and dressed bangles, we were able the same already at 6.30 minutes in the morning to go out into a restaurant and have breakfast....After breakfast, we could be already freely missed for territories of hotel....Territory is very large, because our embraces of two hotels, 4 stars and opposite 5 stars, territory is open possible go for a walk anywhere you would like to go. Nobody forbids to be missed on territory 5 stars hotel, that is divided of the street of restaurants of different cuisine and counters with souvenirs. Reception has a very spacious and large hall, where is so cool and comfortably enough and there is Lobby bar where it was possible at once to choose different drinks from 6 o’clock in the morning. We were missed around the hotel and examined a pool and beach. At 10 o’clock in the morning we were settled, as soon as the room was cleaned. Number is standard, it is a good and comfort, furniture is already used although, and there was a bottle of water in a refrigerator, and towels are clean, and all for preparation of tea and coffee. In a number there was cleanly, sanitary engineering in good condition, hot water constantly. The pool is so large and big, there are a lot of places with free deck-chairs and not deeply from 1 m to 1м35 cm, that really comfortably nobody interferes with you. In the afternoon there is a summer restaurant at the sea...Choosing food is possible in any tastes, the assortment is large, desserts are too delicious, from 12 to 16 o'clock of a day restaurant is open, there is a wonderful chance to eat and watch the sea....Here too it is possible to choose different drinks, there are two mini bars with drinks near a pool, one of that is requiring payment for additional cocktails....Beach is very close from the pool it needs only 1 minute, to get down to the sea. A beach is enormous, too open in access with a 5 stars hotel, it is possible to be missed along. A beach is clean and every morning is taken away, namely wonderful is a sea. At shore shoal, is coral reefs with various coloured fishes and if a bit walk it is possible to get on a separate small island, where many reefs are, but it is needed to have the special shoes....Sea is simply wonderful, a color is clean azure, warm, at shore water is simply hot, it is possible to warm up joints). On one end of the beach where reefs are, placed deck-chairs and there almost are not feeling people,, that you on an uninhabited island, it is a wonderful place. A supper is already from 6. 30 minutes in the evening, every evening there were new dishes, fruit and desserts, assortment is very large, deliciously. Problems with digestion were not, all had been miraculously....And yet there was wonderful possibility to visit two additional restaurants of different cuisines after a choice where we tried Egyptian food escorted by an entertaining show and Cuban food, that really were delicious and various. And a good enough review I want to say to the employees of this hotel. All workers are friendly, smile constantly. The employee who cleaned our room was educated, friendly, took away in a number here nobody made condition in additional payment for this service, periodically from gratitude we abandoned gratuities in a number. On Reception well know English that gives an opportunity freely to communicate and to find common language and at the necessity of decision of certain questions. And the waiters who worked on two restaurants three times on a day, in spite of permanent tiredness from a fag, they smiled constantly, were friendly, positively adjusted every day and in any time befitted they brought different drinks, ordering was possible or food, took away from tables in time, and very beautifully it was to look after when the employees of the restaurant welcomed with a day birth of visitors of this hotel they sang loudly merrily and positively, they really are very fine guys, the names that I don’t remember of these waiters but in this period from 26 July to 2 August, 2019 they worked and I ask the administration of this hotel to mark them as the best employees


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