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Отзыв на отель Le Hammamet Hotel Hammamet

Отзыв написал 14.09.2014.

Оценка: 3 из 5.

hello, I want to talk to the hotel manager and his Dessole Hammamet Mustafa Bal
The hotel is nice and the animation can be improved, but the boss Mustafa Bal is a person who says, flirt and fuck with all the beautiful girls, and he wants all girls young or old, and he takes in his room to flirt with all the girls ..
He drinks all the night at bars and disco and chase beautiful girls and impresses with the position it occupies in the hotel.
he tried to flirt with me in the bar, and he followed me to the disco. He harassed me and I felt bad, because he ordered his staff to follow me everywhere.
Thank you to denounce the manager Dessole Hammamet Mustafa Bal to Dessole group because he is not a professional man, he always tries to flirt, sleeping and fucking Russian girls.
its link 😔 😩 😔 😩


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