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Отзыв на отель Mukarnas Spa & Resort 5* (Мукарнас СПА Резорт)

Отзыв написал 18.09.2016.

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Hi, I was in this hotel 2 weeks ago. On 3rd of September I have rest with my friends near the pool.we were dancing , drink cocktails.workers come and invented us to the disco, but no one said that we can't stand on lounge seats. And near this seats were opened(workers forgot to close) Pool's storage facility where stand all stuff for cleaning pool. It was without light and lees. I was falling down inside storage. As a result, I broken 3 ribs, and 1 rib sinked a lung. My boyfriend took me to the room and went to receptionist to call a doctor, receptionist said that no doctor!!!! In hotel where stand more than 1000 people and told us to call by our insurance. We were called and I were hospitalized. We didn't come to hotel during 2 days and no one from hotel didn't call us still I alive. After my operation my sister come from Ukraine and wanted to go to the hotel talking with administration, they didn't admit her into the hotel.


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