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Отзыв на отель Тамра Бич Резорт Шарм эль Шейх

Отзыв написал 01.09.2016.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

An excellent hotel and even better staff Almost everyone is very polite and supportive. We've became friends with many of them. The rooms are spacious and cleaned thoroughly every day. King size bed. Enormous green territorry. Everything is blossoming. Good variety of food. Delicious desserts. Beautiful sea. Guests: 60% Italians, 35% Egiptians, 5% other nations. 2 issues: 1-Italians prefered (which, on one hand, is good if you want to escape from your routine). But, on the other hand, Italian animation was wonderful while international one was awful. And some (but not all!) staffs treated Italians much better then non-Italians. Italians live in buildings 6 and 7 (which are the closest to the hotel facilities and the sea). Non-Italians are offered only buildings 1-3 (which are very far). You can get a room in building 5 (a bit closer but still...) if you give Hassan VERY-VERY good tips called "extra fees". The hints of discrimination were there. 2-Hassan!!! A front desk manager was an extortionist. During the whole stay he was trying to get our money by false pretences and make us pay for non-existing services (e.g. "extra fees" for food on the last day). Just be aware. Overall, a good place to come back.


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Туры в Тамра Бич Резорт Шарм эль Шейх, вылет из г.Москва

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