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Отзыв на отель Marti Myra Hotel 5* (Марти Мира Кемер) Кемер Турция

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Отзыв написал 22.08.2016.

Оценка: 3 из 5.

To make a long story shot What was good: - nature - swimming-pool - sea What was bad: - during 10 days the room was cleaned 3 times(so we had to throw out the trash by ourselves) - all towels darned - 'clean' towels - are already dirty(see photos) - a chair covered with spots. no desire even to sit on it - glasses or cups or plates - dirty! you have to to find a clean one in a clean stack - dirty poof was in a filthy state for at least 3 days, in a place where lady plays the piano and the children play, relax and dance, all guests passed that way for lunch every day at least twice a day. no one bothered just to hide it somewhere(see photos) - unobtrusive service at meal time? No, I never heard of. Even if you were able to relax and enjoy your meal, then comes a huge trolley of dirty dishes and the waiter with a crash starts to collect the dishes from the near tables, something constantly falls down and it's all pretty disgusting - shower on the beach is broken, for 10 days it was never repaired. watering can simply lie on top Is it 5 stars service??


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