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Отзыв на отель Локеаника Бич Резорт Турция

от 27820 р./чел
55640 р. на двоих
вылет 24 мая
на 5 ночей

Отзыв написал 12.08.2016.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

We rested together with my wife to 1607 on 27.07.2016. This is our second trip to L`Oceanisa. We were here in May 2015 celebrated wife's birthday. And this year, even had no doubts where to celebrate my birthday. So we liked this hotel. We traveled a lot, been to different countries. But we very rarely want to go back so again and again, as in L`Oceanisa Hotel. Beautiful, clean, well maintained, delicious. But this is not the most important thing. And most importantly, it's not cheating, it is often the case in other hotels. Everything as promised. Beautifully renovated rooms. Good furniture. Well-groomed area. Great beach, where all have enough space. Excellent cuisine. Good drinks. Excellent animation. The helpful and friendly staff. Everywhere is visible the work of professionals. They are not seen and not heard, but the whole hotel operates as a Swiss timepiece. Around are many hotels which closed. The crisis ... The difficult times ... But somehow it was closed the another hotels and L`Oceanisa Hotel is thriving! From the very first moment we immediately surrounded by an atmosphere of peace and goodness. This is magic! Just here it is good for people. With politeness. With good. With joy. With courtesy. And do not lie. And all this is worth much more than money. Thank you for a wonderful holiday. We'll be back. Be sure!


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Туры в Локеаника Бич Резорт Турция, вылет из г.Москва

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5 ночей
Annex building room
Ультра все включено
2 взросл.
55640 р.
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