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Отзыв на отель Лилиленд 4* Хургада

Отзыв написал 05.01.2015.

Оценка: 4 из 5.

Hey, everyone
I've been in this hotel on ma New Year holidays.

Firstly about negative things:
1. At first it wasn't so great, because my standart room was so far away from reception, restaurant and beach.. But i moved out to bungalow and it was nice, but there were mosquitos, i told the supervisor and room service fixed that.
2. The food was ok for me, because i love every culture cuisine. :)
3. The beach was kinda dirty and there were a lot of little stones and it was a little hurtfull to walk for me.
4. And next minus was that my towel was stolen, while i was eating in the beach restaurant, so that was really not a good thing, cuz i had to pay for this damn towel. :/
5. Bad wi-fi connection.
The worst thing was that stuff at reception and Biblio Globus guides (tour operator/ ALS tours) told me that they can't help me (with that towel situation), although at first meeting they told that they'll help to fix that kind of a problem..

About positive things:
1. Of course animation team! Thank you so much gyus for making this place so cool for me and hopefully for everyone! I think the animation team - is like a lifebuoy for every hotel! No good animation - boring place, sad tourists!
2. Happy New Year dinner/ Party. That was awesome. No words needed.

In conclusion, i traveled by myself and i met a lot of interesting people and families. I enjoied my time anyways. I saw intersting things, and i've been in intersting places and most of it i've been in the Red sea - all that is such big plus so i can't say that i'm not happy at all!

Best regards, Aleksandrinne.


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