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Отзыв на отель Regency Plaza Aqua Park & Spa Resort 5* (Редженси Плаза Аквапарк)

Отзыв написал 24.12.2014.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

Good afternoon Rested by the beginning of December 2014. In Egypt was the first time, and therefore this hotel has been we do not know.
On the trip was all good. And the aircraft without delay and upon arrival it quickly. The hotel is not far from the airport and therefore this part of the road is not annoying. We normally settled immediately gave a good number, we similarly our trips to other countries always put in the passport for registration $ 10))). The number given on the 2nd floor overlooking the pool.
The hotel area is big, beautiful, well-groomed. Lots of greenery.
The beach has sun beds (not new, but normal). Places are always there.
Meals we liked, and major restaurants and those who are on record (Italian and Indian) has always had a normal range of dishes. Fruit, sometimes ice cream. Sometimes, buying premium drinks, but more for variety than from a lack of or poor quality of free.
Waterpark liked, not all the slides, but we have enough.
Animators work all day for those who love the "active" rest and dance, and gymnastics, and yoga and a lot of things. The whole team is working well. One can see that the guys are trying. There are guys more experienced and have the Cubs, but attentive, cheerful and sociable. In the evening went to a disco in the Grotto, a couple of times and went to the exit. In general, the animation is also normal. Thank you Andrew, Olya, Ivanka, Alena and Anna for a wonderful and active recreation. Also thank the chief animation Ali and his assistant Eka. Thank you guys)))


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