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Отзыв на отель Белив Коллекшн 5* Пунта Кана

от 56713 р./чел
113427 р. на двоих
вылет 12 октября
на 11 ночей

Отзыв написал 14.12.2014.

Оценка: 5 из 5.

For animation team-review in English:
Inspite of I am world traveller, and also work in travel business for 15 years, it's my first review.
And it's first time in my life, I didn't picked hotel, just in hurry I took first from the list.
I had a vacation in be Live Grand Punta Cana with my brother. Returned 2 days ago, and already wish to come back..

Usually I always take a sea view, but at this hotel it wasn't necessary, because you definitely wouldn't sit in a room - work of the high-class animators won't leave chance to you to admire a sea view from a window, because outside they wait for you - talented, beautiful, cheerful guys, with inexhaustible energy, they will involve you to all active games and competitions. They will teach you to play a bocha, darts, a horseshoe, minigolf, beach volleyball, table tennis, and other games, learn to dance beautifully a meringue, a bachata and salsa -3 times a day-morning on a beach, in the afternoon at the pool, and in the evening in the Plaza bar.
And if a rain, they will organize you to the Bingo game, under a roof of beach bar, with dances of winners :) always cheerful, with jokes and smiles, they bring joy!

Each of guys performs the work professionally at very high level! I very much hope that guys earn thousands of dollars a month, they are worthy even more, because they give all the best for 500%, and I can directly tell, that the hotel without them would be usual 4*, but animation team guys upgraded it to 7*

Animators of 10 -11 people works 14 hours per day, while at another countries half of animation team work half day, and another half team work at the evening, so they work much less and not so exciting.
There is no coercion to entertainments and competitions, animators conduct everything so interestingly, that tourists show desire to take part, and even to register to all games in advance. Again - in comparison with other countries where from compulsory participation in games, tourists run away to the sea as pulled them by force...

They do the best everyday to make everyone happy!
Marcus-boss of animators, are very nice person! Always with a radiant smile on his face, always with a joke on any case, the clear head and a power source and ideas for all group of animators! Marcus also led for us Spanish lessons, when he was strongly busy, he was replaced by cutie Anakonda and the unreal handsome, (Samuel L. Jackson in youth) - Mickey Mouse.

Donald- is a superstar! He surprises every minute with the never-ending talents. Masterly plays the guitar, piano, beautifully sings in a karaoke in two languages, famous Stevie Wonder's, Bob Marley and others songs. Dances amazingly in different styles, and patiently and professionally trains tourists to dance. He perfectly not only speaks Russian, but also understands it.
Donald and Mickey Mouse organize any games and competitions during the day and with ease cope with any task.
I were not surprised, when I have seen fun club of cute Donald in internet.

Charismatic Marcus, Donald and Mickey Mouse - everyone independently professionally and artistically opened show at theater every evening, organized competitions and managed to dance also with animators their firm dances between competitions. Every evening began with official rewarding of winners of games and competitions, which they organized during the day, with prizes and memorable diplomas!

Sexy and always attentive Happy Boy, always with a smile, conducts many activities, but especially coolly he presented aqua aerobics - with his special unique style.

The pretty guy - Anakonda smiling, he always ready to help with any problem. Anakonda dance so cool, however as well as all guys, and very seriously approaches the organization of all entertainments for tourists.

Tsunami very amusing animator, is artistic, he easily reincarnates into a women, especially extraordinary, however as well as Happy Boy.

Blondie-is the unreal force and power, he starts morning with yoga, continues in the afternoon Zumba, water aerobics, and all evening dances, unbelievable, where he took so much force and energy.

Positive Mamahuana always has ridiculous funny stories in a stock, and also he run step aerobics very good.

Be not too lazy to descend in Teen Club and to take individual lessons of big tennis! Walter-is the super trainer! Professional, patient and attentive! After his trainings I've got huge interest to continue play tennis! Walter.. hi from Russia!!!

At Spa we took the program with massages, a sauna, a jacuzzi and champagne! Maria and Lucia do super massage!!! Hi to them!

The hotel remarkable, logically is also compactly constructed, from any point of it you can have easy access to all restaurants, the central pool and a beach. Rooms are spacious. On the 3rd floor ceilings are 4 meter height, with wooden a ceiling- roof, the fan, the conditioner - everything works. Nothing special, but everything good.
Cleaning of rooms is normal, sometimes 2 times per day.

For those people, who writes negative reviews of hotel: If you don't like room, be kind, approach to the reception, pay for upgrade your room to Lux Sea View and enjoy! What claims to standard rooms could be?? Everything in standard room, as well as it described, and as shown in a photos! Anything more to you wasn't promised and if you got used to get more, you have to pay for the more.
I know, how much services should cost, and would be weird to expect more for that small money, we payed.

About super shows at theater every evening already discussed here too much, I will add just -I am so surprised and excited from all shows, especially Michael Jackson, Brazilian, and one more, I don't remember the name.

From 6 restaurants I will mention as the best -Mexican, American and French. Live qualitative music during a dinner always pleases. Waiters at all restaurants are qualified and cheerful!

I will repeat: if not the super high quality work of animation team guys, and personnel of the hotel, it would be usual 4*
I am the experienced tourist, visited 20 countries, and more than once, but I was never before so keen on a positive and active style of work of animators. Guys are truly very exciting, they also deserve an award and salary increase for such great love to their job! They are super good fellows! Their place in Hollywood! If they are in a few months in the same team, I definitely will return to hotel. And definitely I will recommend to all!

I didn't expect such delight from Dominican republic! People all beautiful, cheerful, happy, helpful!
I received a happiness injection! Great thank you guys!
I miss you so much!
Ardent hi to everybody, especially to Donald!


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